#dda379 #netnarr #netnarr Whoah, That’s An Amazon Echo? It looks like a ________!

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Internet embedded devices that spy on us are looking less and less obvious. Some believe the new Amazon Spot is cleverly designed to sneak a camera device into your bedroom. Someone leaked the next few Amazon Echo devices. pic.twitter.com/ygpwNmTw4D — 🦕 @dietrich@mastodon.social / 🦋@burrito.space (@dietrich) September 28, 2017 Share a photo of some other object… Read more »

#dda378 #netnarr Big / Little

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Make an image that emphasizes the size difference of two similar objects. It helps to get down on the ground! Modified from a DS106 Daily Create Big Car / Little Car, see examples there. Tweet your response to @netnarr and be sure to include the hashtag #dda378