#dda367 #netnarr Spark in the Night

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When the night is dark and the heart is cold… what will spark my imagination and warm my soul? Show is in a photo, in words, in whatever you can conjure. Tweet your response to @netnarr and be sure to include the hashtag #dda367

#dda364 #netnarr Between Art and Quarantine #tussenkunstenquarantaine

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Here is something to do to show your appreciation for art while under home quarantine, it’s happening both in twitter and in instagram via the tag #tussenkunstenquarantaine. Choose a painting Find 3 things lying around your house similar to things in the painting Recreate the painting with those attributes Remake classic art… at home! Tweet… Read more »

#dda360 #netnarr Google Translate Roulette

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Google Translate is notorious for it’s lackluster and/or too-literal translating abilities. Let’s put it to the test with stories/lyrics/phrases/grocery lists around the world and back again! Take a story, song lyrics, a phrase, etc. and put it through Google Translate. Then translate it to another language. And again. And again. Have fun with it, then… Read more »