#dda322 #netnarr Force the Perspective

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Distort the sense of scale all in a single photograph (NO EDITING we are watching you!). What is forced perspective? You’ll know it when you see it, but if you have not looked it up already, try Wikipedia, and maybe see the tips from Digital Photography School. Tweet your response to @netnarr and be sure… Read more »

#dda319 #netnarr What’s the backstory of your Robotuary?

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Perhaps morbid, but it’s just for play. Follow @Robotuaries and it will tweet your fictional obituary. Christopher Hannah , 49, was lost today due to a poker accident. Christopher spent these last years in Chicago, Illinois. /@chrishannah — Robotuaries (@robotuaries) February 8, 2014 What is the real story? Explain in writing or visually. Tweet your… Read more »

#dda317 #netnarr Now that a black hole has been photographed… what do you think is inside of it?

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Big science news! In 1850, John Adams Whipple took the first-ever photograph of a star – Vega, 25 lightyears away. Today, the first-ever photograph of a black hole – M87, 55 *million* lightyears away. We are peering into the gun barrel of time itself. Perspective in the largest sense. pic.twitter.com/M28fofkbYS — Maria Popova (@brainpicker) April… Read more »

#dda316 #netnarr Say It With Dissected Font

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Woah, see what math can do to letters? Try Font Dissection. In these fonts, each letter or digit or ampersand can be dissected (cut into pieces such that those pieces re-arrange) into a 6 × 6 square. The dissections all happen to be polyomino dissections, and they allow translation, rotation, and reflection in the piece re-arrangement. There are three… Read more »