Thanks for those who took part in the Daily Digital Alchemy.

We’ve published 120 DDAs since the start of Networked Narratives. And we have collected more than 920 responses from 58 different people.


Creative Commons licensed Wikimedia Commons image

Creative Commons licensed Wikimedia Commons image

If you do want to do one more Daily Digital Alchemy, let us know what you got out of this experience. Or how you might apply it yourself in your own work.

It’s never really over. If you ever want to challenge yourself do one of the past ones chosen at random. Or better yet, spend some time at the DS106 Daily Create, the site that inspired this one, which has ben running since 2012 and is on it’s way to it’s 2000th challenge. Show the DS106 folks some digital alchemy!

And look for the DDAs to be re-constituted the next time we teach NetWorked Narratives

Tweet your response to @netnarr and be sure to include the hashtag #dda124


  1.  Coming Soon (Spring 2018): #NetNarr II – #netnarr

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