Write a poem using the N+7 form, conceived of by the French poets of the OULIPO movement.

Choose a text such as Elizabeth Bishop’s “One Art” and replace each noun in that text with the noun occurring seven entries below it in your dictionary.

Or try the N+7 approach with one of your own poems?

Explore more about OULIPI

Although poetry and mathematics often seem to be incompatible areas of study, the philosophy of OULIPO seeks to connect them. Founded in 1960 by French mathematician Francois de Lionnais and writer Raymond Queneau, Ouvroir de Litterature Potentielle (OULIPO), or Workshop of Potential Literature, investigates the possibilities of verse written under a system of structural constraints. Lionnais and Quenuau believed in the profound potential of a poem produced within a framework or formula and that, if done in a playful posture, the outcomes could be endless.

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