Oh no, the cupboard is bare, there was not Daily Digital Alchemy today. Thankfully, we have detectors out there.

Express this dire lack of DDAs in a GIF… but not just any old one you copy paste from the big pile of GIFs. Just as we did in class to make a GIF from a video, you can the Giphy GIF Maker to add decoration to an existing GIF.

First, find the URL for an existing GIF that expresses this anguished feeling (it’s better if they do not have captions). Copy that URL. Now go to the GIF Maker tool and paste that giphy URL into the ADD UEL box.

Now you can use the same tools to add a new caption- you are Re-giffing a GIF!

Go for it @dogtrax!

Tweet your response to @netnarr and be sure to include the hashtag #dda168

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