Perhaps you have heard of the collaborative experiment to create an Alchemy Lab of Digital Media Objects? (Come visit — every day is Free Admission Day) Susan Watson created the wonderful artwork of the lab, but we invite you to do your own coloring and contribution to the lab experience.

Color the NetNarr Lab

Original image by Susan Watson Color the NetNarr Lab flickr photo by Dogtrax shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Use one (or all) of these links to choose a scene from the lab and use the tools at ScrapColoring to digitally color the page. Be sure to take a screenshot of your final colored scene, and share it out in Networked Narratives as well as at the Alchemy Lab Remix Padlet Wall.

Happy coloring!


Tweet your response to @netnarr and be sure to include the hashtag #dda212


  1.  #tdc2344 Use Your Digital Crayons in the Alchemy Lab | The Daily Create

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