Spell your name with the lmontology Generator – it generates images for word you enter using elements from the Periodic Table. And then summarize what you would get by combining them.

This is what we got for #netnarr:

Elements from the periodic table for "Ne" "T" "N" "Ar" "R"

It looks like we got 3 real elements and 2 fictional ones:

Neon A rare gas that is very inert. Glows reddish orange when charged. (Gr. neos, new)
Tyberium A typically green crystal named after the Tiber River or the emperor Tiberius. It leaches metals out of the soil into crystals leaving the landscape depleted. (Command & Conquer)
Nitrogen A gas that makes up 78% of the earth’s air. Odorless and colorless, but important for life as fertilizer. (L. nitrum, native soda)
Argon A common colorless, odorless inert Noble Gas. Used in light bulbs and as insulation. (Gr. argos, inactive)
Rearden A greenish-blue metal alloy invented by Hank Rearden. Much lighter and stronger than traditional steel. (Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged)

Lighting the Tyberium inside a Rearden forged lamp holder, the mixture of Neon, Nitrogen, and Argon creates a light that can last for a full semester of NetNarr.

What can you make?

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