Who needs vowels? They just take up space. They can be surgically removed.


Surgery flickr photo by Army Medicine shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Try the Text Mechanic’s Disemvowel Tool on some important documents. Here- can you figure out Archibald Cockren’s alchemical discoveries?

Hr thn, ntrd pn nw crs f xprmnt wth mtl fr xprmntl prpss f whch hd n prvs xprnc. Ths mtl, ftr th lng rdctn t ts ssntls nd ndrgng sprtn nd prprng dstlltn dpst f th Mrcry f th Phlsphrs, th q Bndct, th q Clsts, nd wtr f Prds.

Th frst ntmtn hd f ths trmph ws vlnt hssng, jts f vpr prng frm th rtrt nd nt th rcvr lk shrp brsts frm mchn gn, nd thn vlnt xplsn, whlst vry ptnt nd sbtl dr flld th lbrtry nd ts srrndngs. frnd hs dscrbd ths dr s rsmblng th dwy rth n Jn mrnng, wth th hnt f grwng flwrs n th r; th brth f th wnd vr hthr nd hll, nd th swt smll f th rn n th prchd rth.


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#dda108 Disemvowel it (Apr 19, 2017)

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