A creative series of steps for this one… stay with us.

First pick an interesting photo, choose two words out of it that are descriptors of the scene. I chose a photo of my dog looking curiously at a book

So my words are “dog” and “book”. The try those words in this clever Portmanteau & Rhyme Generator. If it can find the words in its database (you may have to adjust, my first pair were not found), it will generate a portmanteau a word created by blending parts of or two words together, as well as a pair of related rhyming words.

See what I got using “dog” and “book” in the Portmanteau & Rhyme Generator. Now combine the image, use the portmanteau in a title, and make a two line poem.

Can’t Fool a Storytriever
Felix, neither published author nor labrador
Howls critically at the local bookstore.

Inspired for this by one of the amazing bits I get in the katexic newsletter (follow @katexic)

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