You may be fortunate to not worry about making enough money this month for rent, food, expenses. More people than you think are not.

See if you can develop some empathy playing the “Spent” game where you have to make hard decisions to survive just one month of living below the line.

Making choices in “Spent”

Can you survive the month? It’s not anything like living it, but does this give you any sense what it would be like to have to make these choices? Create an image (that means taking photo, a drawing, not just googling for it) something that perhaps symbolizes a rising empathy for people who play this game every day.

If you follow the “I can’t do this link” you can do something.

Editors note: We took some liberty with Maha Bali’s original submission, and hope to use her idea later in Networked Narratives as an assignment to create an empathy game.

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This Daily DDA has been recycled from previously published ones:

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