Alchemy can sometimes lead to unexpected but really cool peculiarities. In digital spaces, these are glitches. Share or make one! Glitch it!

Essentially, this prompt asks you to share a screenshot of a glitch you experienced or maybe a photo of a “real-life” glitch you encountered or find amusing ^.^ If you feel ambitious, you can “make” a glitch following the directions in this user-friendly video

A version of Photoshop required for this route! But there are some web sites to make glitch art such as JPG Glitch, MOSH, LunaPic, and more from YFG1

Here’s an example of the “glitch” I made following the direction in the video:

Glitch Art

Glitch G-Gi-Girl

Tweet your response to @netnarr and be sure to include the hashtag #dda37

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