The writings of the alchemists contain some wild, weird, memorable quotes. So, for this challenge, find a mind-bending quote from an alchemical text and illustrate it with the perfect image.

For example, here is a quote from the Latin Tabula Smaragdina. Isaac Newton himself was a fan of this Latin alchemical text! Learn more!:

Poster with sky reflected in water.

Quotemakers. There are lots of quotemaker tools out there, like Canva, Automotivator, and many more.

Alchemical Texts. You might want to browse the big library of alchemical and related books in English by Arthur Edward Waite; you can find links to his free books online here:  Arthur Edward Waite’s Alchemy Books (and more) in English.

Or maybe you will find an alchemical text in another language and use that for your quote!


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