Another galaxy has just informed me that reading is soon to become extinct within the next few years and it’s up to us alchemists to keep it alive. They won’t tell me the exact timing of this terrible event but they do tell me that we alchemists have the power to change this.

Using this simple photo or the photo from my sample story, hypnotize your reader into wanting to read more using only 10 sentences or less. The story can be as funny, silly or realistic as you want.

Things to keep in mind:

What emotion(s) do you want the audience to feel?

What is the purpose of your story?



Title: Mad Scientist by @writeannabella

I don’t understand why you never talk to me. I keep telling you everything and yet you just sit there with those eyes and not responding. I don’t understand why you can’t just speak up. Your’e supposed to be my best friend. Your’e supposed to help me feel better. Are you even listening to me? Never mind I’m taking you to the doctor.

(Zack takes a trip later that night after dark to go visit his friend MadKen who lives a abandoned house with 2 dogs. The 2 dogs greet Zack with encouraging words.)

Hey Zack, how are you doing?

Hey Kenny, my therapist told me that I can talk to this teddybear but it responds to me.

“Hmmmm I think I can fix that,” says MadKen.


to be continued..

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