Using one or all 5 of the human senses paint a story for us to understand (feel, see, hear, touch, taste, smell) a particular moment/memory/time in your life.

“Allegory of the five senses”– Public domain Wikimedia image of painting by Theodoor Rombouts

I look forward to seeing what you guys share with me. 🙂


I see stairs and I hear a teacher saying “everyone stay in their line.” She tastes a vegetarian hot dog bun with extra ketchup and mustard (courtesy of her visiting father.) He wasn’t sure how much his daughter wanted on it and she didn’t want so much but she laughed when she ate it later at school that day. I see a 7 year old girl posing for a picture with her feet on the extended branches at her school holding on to it with a big smile. Her grandma is with her and she feels supported by the tree and completely safe. I see a girl who had a blue hat her mother gave her and she lost it at school and she felt sad but she had to realize she still had her mom. 🙂

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