Maybe the best narratives ever on television (IMHO) was The Twilight Zone. Try your hand at sitting in Rod Serling’s writing chair.

Spin the Twilight Zone Plot Generator for a plot idea. Write one paragraph to set the scene for the opening and another paragraph for what we see before the credits roll. The rest is for imagination (or maybe a future DDA).

Fade in on middle age man in suit but with tie askance, it’s the view of his own bathroom mirror. Fred’s eyes are huge, bugged out, and he is frantically rummaging through the cabinet, glancing at labels, tossing them over his shoulder. An emoty whiskey bottle rests agains the far corner wall. He stumbles often. “WHERE ARE MY PILLS?” He cries/

View of the sky, trees, birds flying overhead, singing. The sun is out, the sky is clear. The view shifts lower, revealing a perimeter of trees, a wrought iron fence, and eventually the tops of tombstones. Camera shifts view to Fred, his tie gone, mud on his shirt, sitting against a tombstone. He slowly rises, using the stone to leverage upward, but his stance is steady. He glances around in a complete circle, then heads deliberately down the dirt lane towards the exit. He shrugs.

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