‘Tis one thing to tinker with potions in your own lab and another to create ones for others.

Here is the place where your very own ingredients and methods for a Daily Digital Alchemy can be written on a parchment and slipped under our door.

Upon review by our lab assistants (if they are not out scavenging for rare metals) it will enter the queue for an upcoming daily alchemy.

Some hints that will keep the lab workers from grumbling, but your writing here need not be perfect. That is their job:

  • The title should be clever and catchy, it is the gist of the tweet
  • Include in the body some suggestions to help others, a link to a tool, ideas for how to go about doing the challenge. Mention all ingredients, as bat wings can be hard to come by on short notice
  • Include an image or other sample media we can use, just put the URL. Our hounds will be dispatched to find it.
  • Go the extra step and provide an example?


Write out a Daily DDA as a tweet-length prompt (0 characters used of 133 available)
Publish under your name, twitter handle, secret agent name, or remain "Anonymous". If you use a twitter name (including the "@") the site will track your contributions.
Use the editing area below to add and format that will help explain what to do (no limit) or suggestions for media to use. Images can uploaded (click the image tool and then Upload tab). We will try to use all information you provide to add to the details for the published Daily DDA (we reserve some right to edit).